VESPEX European wasp baiting is a process using an Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines
Authority (APVMA) approved insecticide baiting process.
The VESPEX European wasp baiting is used in situations where nests are not able to be located and
directly treated.
A special treatment is made by mixing an attractant along with a toxicant to form bait that European
wasps feed on and then take back to their nests where it is shared amongst the workers and Queen
of the nest through a process known as trophallaxis.
The special treatment has a delayed mode of action (it does not kill the wasps straight away
otherwise they would not make it back to the nest to spread amongst the colony) that builds up a
lethal dose to kill the entire nest.
The prepared bait is strategically deployed by trained VESPEX Accredited Specialists in specially
designed VESPEX Baiting Tunnels.

No Requirement to find the nest

There is no requirement to find the nests as the wasps collect the bait from the feeder trays in the
wasp tunnel stations and carry it back to the nest. The wasps then share the bait with the queen
and fellow workers, quickly destroying the whole colony.

How quickly does Vespex work?

Depending on the time of year, the size of the nest, the number of nests and the number of VESPEX
bait placements, a population of wasps can be reduced to as little as 98% in approximately 14 days.